L’Extravergine di Oliva
Antiche Macine
P.IVA 01504670785 Oleificio S.CA.M.O. srl
C/da San Filippo, 87010 Saracena (CS) Italia.  
Founded in 1988, the S.CA.M.O. s.r.l. produces “Antiche Macine” extra virgin olive oil. We belive that good quality can still be appreciated in a globalised economy in which home-made products and old-time tastet have a hard time finding a place.
From the start we hawe been very enthusiastic about this project and we work today with the same enthusiasm which has always been needed in overcoming the difficulties in promoting typically Calabrian procuce.
We have been brought up in genuine and homely surroundings, learning from the constant hard work needed to cultivate the land. With time the strong determination to produce a top quality olive oil has proved to be a winning project.
Nowadays, we still use a system of oil crushing with heavy stone wheels and cold squuzing by hydraulic presses.